NTV set to take us on an Expedition

A few months ago, we reported of a campus themed reality TV show soon to launch on Kenyan TV. Finally, it’s official, The Expedition will be airing on NTV starting this August. The show based on the concept of cooperating is sponsored by CIC Insurance Company whose tagline is “I’m a co-operator”. It involves challenges that will require the student contestants to co-operate per team as they compete against other teams.
Keep it here for details of this show and other Kenyan TV shows.

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From saints to sinners

Spielwork Media mission statement is to revolutionise the Kenyan TV industry. And they seem to be doing exactly that with quality broadcast content from their production to our Kenyan TV screens through their partnership with NTV.
Their hit medical drama show Saints came to an end last week. The show was to say the least inspiring, especially to the country’s creative sector, inspiring hope of the possibility of better quality productions in the near future. Replacing it on the same slot is higher Learning, yet another revolution show based on experiences of campus students. The cast seems to have grown to include a more stellar assembly; a trend I suspect will be replicated in the second season of Saints.
They however chose the worst time to premiere the first episode of the second season of this hit series, airing it on the day, citizen TV’s highly popular soap opera Soy Tu Duena was coming to an end. This brings into focus the sad nature of Kenyan broadcast networks and audience who seem to place priority on imported shows.

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Tusker all stars:A Review

The curtains came down last Sunday on Kenya’s highly anticipated (yet poorly rated), music star assembly show, the Tusker All Stars. After a duration of almost six weeks, the trio of Uganda’s Davis, Tanzania’s Msechu and Rwanda’s Alpha emerged in no particular order, as this year’s Tusker all stars.
The show was a noble concept, especially coz it revealed to us the guys who wasted the public’s time and admiration by not expanding their music boundaries even after going through the novel mentorship program accorded to them through the Tusker Academy. To say the least, most ambitious musicians would kill to be given such an opportunity at the opportunity. Clearly, our Tusker Stars have proved to us that they have been upto to little, if anything over the past few years, apart from a sizable number of them.
That said, here are just but a few of our two cents worth observations.
 Music: – As mentioned already, most of these shows did not have any songs of their own. As a result, they went to perform other musician’s song, making little difference between them now and the raw talent they were when they first entered the Tusker Academy. Honestly, Davis and Ng’ang’alito are the only musicians who have songs that have managed to receive some modest amount of airplay ever since they exited the Tusker Academy.
 Fashion: – During the final show, Atemi asked Caroline her stylist’s secret because she always seems to appear as dazzling every time she steps on stage. We agree with Atemi. Caroline was pure eye candy throughout the duration of the show, joining her on this list Amileena and cute Patricia. The men looked okay, that is apart from Uganda’s Davis and Tanzania’s Hemedi, but certainly Rwanda’s Alpha stood out.
 Content: – The performances were okay, but everyone wishes the songs were original. Gaetano’s presentations were over hyped if you ask me. For a man with his level of experience, from Studio 52 to Tusker Project Fame 1, he underperformed. Eve d’ Souza was the exact opposite. Apart from the awkward apron on episode 1, eve grew from strength to strength and by the time the final episode aired last Sunday, she was just brilliant. For an individual with so little experience in TV, but a vast one in radio, Eve’s decision to quit radio for TV seems to have been informed by her underlying ability and willingness to learn and grow.
Someone ought to tell Ian that his bad boy mentality is now getting old and silly. We either need a replacement or a change of attitude from the guy. Atemi’s role, as a celebrated artist and perfomer herself is well appreciated. So is Joey, though we think she should talk and ogle less.

On a rating of 1 to 10, we would give The Tusker All stars show a 7. This as we thank the producers for their endeavours to grow the Kenyan TV especially in it’s growing reality TV segment. It is such initiatives that are growing opportunities for Kenyan film and TV crew and creative teams.

Millicent Needs You.

I will have to admit that I am one of those who have paid little or close to no attention to the on goings at the Big Brother Africa house this particular edition. The show which has been airing live shows on Pay TV channel Mnet and weekly highlights on Kenyan station NTV has however managed to attract a cultic following through the season.
And now with less than two weeks to go, it emerges that for the first time in it’s history, a Kenyan contestant is well on her way to bag the coveted prize of 200,000 dollars if she does not get evicted this week. For that to happen, she needs you to vote for her to remain for the final round show which starts after the Sunday evictions.
Millicent has had an almost smooth run so far and especially after fellow compatriot Nic Wang’ondu was shown the door after the seventh week. She has managed to survive the house for thirteen weeks and has managed to receive only four nominations so far. She is up for eviction this week alongside six other contestants. This could be Kenya’s biggest chance of producing a Big Brother winner.
***To save Millicent from eviction, send Vote Millicent to 5626 or you can go to http://bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com/Vote/

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The Expedition:Kenyan campus reality show

Starting this August the 24th a University based reality TV show is set to hit Kenyan TV screens. Dubbed The Expedition, the show will feature 24 students (a male and female student from each of the participating Universities) who will battle it out for a chance to represent the country as a Youth Ambassador for the Co-operative Movement in Kenya and Globally.
The participating Universities are USIU, Moi University, Egerton University, Kabarak University, University of Nairobi, Daystar University, Nazarene University, JKUAT, Catholic University, KEMU, Strathmore and KCA University. Apparently the televised versions of the TV show will be recorded between the 25th and the 29th of July at a secret location at the outskirts of Nairobi.
The contestants will mostly compete on activities involving both the body and the mind that will force them to work together as co-operators. It is part of CIC’s I’m a co-operator campaign of recruiting half a million youth to the co-operative movement ahead of 2012.
Previous successful shows themed around the premise of competing University students include the Zain Challenge whose communication for the 2011 edition has not yet been forthcoming.

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Rose Nasimiyu’s story on K24

Rose Nasimiyu’s touching story aired last night on K24’s Capital Talk show is a representation of the thousands of voices that are undergoing intense pain and suffering at the mercy of Cancer. Our prayers go out to Rose and thousands of other innocent Cancer victims. God’s grace will take you through.
Thank you also to Jeff Koinange, Capital Talk show and K24 for the story. This is indeed the reason TV was made.
In case you missed the show last night, just click here to check it out on you tube.
Jeff Koinange continues this weeks theme of Against all odds on Capital Talk,at 8.30 pm and repeats at 10 pm.

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Tusker All Stars.Not as bright!!

There is no fooling me that the ongoing show calling itself the Tusker All Stars is about discovering and nurturing (already discovered and nurtured) talent. To me it’s more of publicity stunts by the sponsor EABL and some crop of greedy producers. Before you judge me, here’s why I am so bitter with the show.
Here is a collection of vocally talented young men and women, some of whom have been out of the Project Fame Academy( the project that was supposed to have discovered them in the first place),for even three years. Yet, of all these guys, only Alpha and Davies have gone on to actually record and produce a song. What has Hemedi, the oldest face in that show been doing all this time???
We could put up with Ng’ang’alito performing Wyre’s songs during the talent search, but two years later, please!!if i want to hear a rendition of a 1970’s pop song, I could get that at Karaoke. If at all Usher was to come, and these contestants were to go curtain raise, would he do a Wyre song?? Why not have the real Wyre do it?
Where’s your stuff guys? And if you do not have any by now, do you really deserve the tag of an all star. Seriously.
Previous contestants who have been considered as losers have gone to become accomplished artists in their own right. Wendy and Nakaaya are just two artists who never won the so called coveted prize but have just gone on to show the public just how much passion can take you farther than record deals and cash prizes to back them up.
Away from the artists and we come to the show itself. I must admit that I like the concept of the pub and the couch and after much bashing from the social media, Eve d’Souza has done well to lose the apron she had on the second episode of this show, much to the cleansing of the perception of the pub. But these five steps forward got us nowhere as the introduction of Judge Ian Mbugua brought us back by an equal five steps in the opposite direction. I was one of those who criticized Atul’s presence in the first show, but if you had to replace him with Ian, then I take back my words, better the angel I don’t know. Joey is improving, bringing her innocently girly outlook to the performances as Atemi tries to give us her insiders view, but all in all, this show is turning out to be, a failure.
Kenyan TV deserves better.

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