After losing her Weekend Prime News slot, Citizen TV’s Kirigo Ngarua finally made it again to Prime time, this time on a weekday.

The flamboyant news anchor who had earlier in the year been replaced by Lilian Muli on Citizen Weekend made her return last evening alongside Tom Mboya. Ever since then she has been making regular appearances on Citizen’s Power breakfast as well as the lunch time News at 1pm.

It is still unclear whether she was filling in for someone else or whether this will now become her permanent slot. Trust this space for the updates on this Kenyan TV anchor.

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  1. Njoki says:

    Kirigo was definately not the suitable 4 the weekend prime. With her frequent pronounciation mistakes she had better be replaced a long time ago

  2. Juliet osoo says:

    I like your golden voice at citizen at 1

  3. Elijah says:

    She is a dedicated and a cute lady – she deserves more

  4. fausto says:

    we wish her the best but its competition may the best win

  5. abijah karanu says:

    its a great idea she’s fit for prime news,she’s my role model and i want to be like her,an anchor who is a role model.

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