Albert Wandago, one of Kenya’s veteran film makers has launched a Film school in the lakeside city of Kisumu. Kisumu Film School as it will be called is the first such like school, with little or no affiliation at all to a University.
Now, students looking to break into theatre film and TV do not have to look for Nairobi as the only source of opportunities.
With the new constitution and the prominence of county governments set to shoot up in the coming years, such initiatives might be common in the future. This can only mean great tidings for Kenyan TV and film in the coming days.
Mr. Wandago reckons that “we are lagging behind many African countries in the film industry, and it is not due to lack of knowledge.” Wandago is one of the pioneers of film in Kenya, mostly known for his film Naliaka is going produced by his production company, Alwan Communications Limited.

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