Week of Premieres:Kenyan productions coming of age

To a very large extent, last week, (the week of June 20th – 26th) was one of Kenyan TV and film biggest weeks in recent times. The week witnessed the premier of three quality productions which continue to show that local productions have indeed already come of age.
Briefcase Inc.

It all started on Wednesday 22nd with the post dated premiere of Briefcase Inc on KTN. The show was a week late with the real premiere slot having been scheduled for the 15th but postponed due to Parliamentary proceedings that went on into the late TV prime time hours.
The show follows the simple story of a young man coming from the US to try and eke out a living back home. Pressures from home and external factors as well play out rather humorously as the young man ends up teaming up with another young man for their business venture.
The good thing about the show, according to KTN, is the simplicity of the story. The script writer, one Yafesi Musoke (Village Christmas, Village Easter), has done quite a remarkable job in keeping the story simple yet very relevant. Teaming up with his wife Joyce Musoke (Better Days), this duo is certainly raising the bar as to what a deeply thought out quality production is all about. Or have I spoken too soon…..we await to see whether this show will live up to its billing.
Ndoto za Elibidi

Friday, June 24th, the 20th Century Fox cinema played host to a silver screen premiere of a Kenyan movie, Ndoto za Elibidi, just a week after another Kenyan film The First Grader hit the screens.
The difference with these two screenings however was the fact that unlike The First Grader, Ndoto za Elibidi is a purely local film featuring local actors and crew. Produced by SAFE, a community theatre group, the film is themed on HIV/AIDS and how a slum based family and community come to terms with the various effects of the epidemic. With sub topics ranging from stigma to myths to risky sexual behavior and cultural practices, this film cuts across all these aspects without coming off as being preachy as most morally themed films tend to.
Having won the Zanzibar Film Festival award for Best Film, the Film is set to score big with the Kenyan audience, especially considering its real language and setting.
Tusker All Stars

Gaetano Kagwa (Big Brother Africa, Studio 53), yes, he of the Gossip girl fame, teams up yet again with his elegant Capital FM breakfast host Eve d’Souza ( Vibe City) in this glamorous music performance show. Produced by Endemol, the same company that does Tusker Project Fame, the show has brought together past winners and runners up of previous tusker project fame seasons apart from season 1.
The show is all right apart from Joey and Ajul’s combination which is supposed to represent what we back at home are thinking about the performances. They seem to be quite off tune……..not exactly the best pairing if you ask me.
Future productions
With these shows and many more in the pipeline set to grace pour screens very soon, as the demand for more local content picks up, the future of Kenyan TV seems to be getting brighter with each passing day.

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