Tusker All Stars.Not as bright!!

There is no fooling me that the ongoing show calling itself the Tusker All Stars is about discovering and nurturing (already discovered and nurtured) talent. To me it’s more of publicity stunts by the sponsor EABL and some crop of greedy producers. Before you judge me, here’s why I am so bitter with the show.
Here is a collection of vocally talented young men and women, some of whom have been out of the Project Fame Academy( the project that was supposed to have discovered them in the first place),for even three years. Yet, of all these guys, only Alpha and Davies have gone on to actually record and produce a song. What has Hemedi, the oldest face in that show been doing all this time???
We could put up with Ng’ang’alito performing Wyre’s songs during the talent search, but two years later, please!!if i want to hear a rendition of a 1970’s pop song, I could get that at Karaoke. If at all Usher was to come, and these contestants were to go curtain raise, would he do a Wyre song?? Why not have the real Wyre do it?
Where’s your stuff guys? And if you do not have any by now, do you really deserve the tag of an all star. Seriously.
Previous contestants who have been considered as losers have gone to become accomplished artists in their own right. Wendy and Nakaaya are just two artists who never won the so called coveted prize but have just gone on to show the public just how much passion can take you farther than record deals and cash prizes to back them up.
Away from the artists and we come to the show itself. I must admit that I like the concept of the pub and the couch and after much bashing from the social media, Eve d’Souza has done well to lose the apron she had on the second episode of this show, much to the cleansing of the perception of the pub. But these five steps forward got us nowhere as the introduction of Judge Ian Mbugua brought us back by an equal five steps in the opposite direction. I was one of those who criticized Atul’s presence in the first show, but if you had to replace him with Ian, then I take back my words, better the angel I don’t know. Joey is improving, bringing her innocently girly outlook to the performances as Atemi tries to give us her insiders view, but all in all, this show is turning out to be, a failure.
Kenyan TV deserves better.

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