From saints to sinners

Spielwork Media mission statement is to revolutionise the Kenyan TV industry. And they seem to be doing exactly that with quality broadcast content from their production to our Kenyan TV screens through their partnership with NTV.
Their hit medical drama show Saints came to an end last week. The show was to say the least inspiring, especially to the country’s creative sector, inspiring hope of the possibility of better quality productions in the near future. Replacing it on the same slot is higher Learning, yet another revolution show based on experiences of campus students. The cast seems to have grown to include a more stellar assembly; a trend I suspect will be replicated in the second season of Saints.
They however chose the worst time to premiere the first episode of the second season of this hit series, airing it on the day, citizen TV’s highly popular soap opera Soy Tu Duena was coming to an end. This brings into focus the sad nature of Kenyan broadcast networks and audience who seem to place priority on imported shows.

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One thought on “From saints to sinners

  1. admin says:

    Boring, poor workmanship could be the least we could describing it. We need prayers to provide good content on TV.

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