Tusker all stars:A Review

The curtains came down last Sunday on Kenya’s highly anticipated (yet poorly rated), music star assembly show, the Tusker All Stars. After a duration of almost six weeks, the trio of Uganda’s Davis, Tanzania’s Msechu and Rwanda’s Alpha emerged in no particular order, as this year’s Tusker all stars.
The show was a noble concept, especially coz it revealed to us the guys who wasted the public’s time and admiration by not expanding their music boundaries even after going through the novel mentorship program accorded to them through the Tusker Academy. To say the least, most ambitious musicians would kill to be given such an opportunity at the opportunity. Clearly, our Tusker Stars have proved to us that they have been upto to little, if anything over the past few years, apart from a sizable number of them.
That said, here are just but a few of our two cents worth observations.
 Music: – As mentioned already, most of these shows did not have any songs of their own. As a result, they went to perform other musician’s song, making little difference between them now and the raw talent they were when they first entered the Tusker Academy. Honestly, Davis and Ng’ang’alito are the only musicians who have songs that have managed to receive some modest amount of airplay ever since they exited the Tusker Academy.
 Fashion: – During the final show, Atemi asked Caroline her stylist’s secret because she always seems to appear as dazzling every time she steps on stage. We agree with Atemi. Caroline was pure eye candy throughout the duration of the show, joining her on this list Amileena and cute Patricia. The men looked okay, that is apart from Uganda’s Davis and Tanzania’s Hemedi, but certainly Rwanda’s Alpha stood out.
 Content: – The performances were okay, but everyone wishes the songs were original. Gaetano’s presentations were over hyped if you ask me. For a man with his level of experience, from Studio 52 to Tusker Project Fame 1, he underperformed. Eve d’ Souza was the exact opposite. Apart from the awkward apron on episode 1, eve grew from strength to strength and by the time the final episode aired last Sunday, she was just brilliant. For an individual with so little experience in TV, but a vast one in radio, Eve’s decision to quit radio for TV seems to have been informed by her underlying ability and willingness to learn and grow.
Someone ought to tell Ian that his bad boy mentality is now getting old and silly. We either need a replacement or a change of attitude from the guy. Atemi’s role, as a celebrated artist and perfomer herself is well appreciated. So is Joey, though we think she should talk and ogle less.

On a rating of 1 to 10, we would give The Tusker All stars show a 7. This as we thank the producers for their endeavours to grow the Kenyan TV especially in it’s growing reality TV segment. It is such initiatives that are growing opportunities for Kenyan film and TV crew and creative teams.


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